Two site failover / load distribution

Can2002 can2002 at
Thu Mar 17 21:49:19 UTC 2005

I'm trying to put together a low cost HA solution based around two sites
each with xDSL connections.  At each site I have a web server & DNS server
running Bind 9.  My goal is to provide a solution that distributes users
across the two sites and as seamlessly as possible, copy with either site

I had originally hoped to achieve this using Round Robin, although searches
on Usenet indicate this will satisfy the load distribution requirement, but
not the failure requirement.  An alternate approach would be to make the DNS
servers at both sites masters and hold A records only for the relevant site,
combined with a low TTL (e.g. the A record on the DNS server at site one
points only at the web server at site one; similar for site two).  This
addresses failures, but not load distribution.

Having searched further it sounds as though something like lbnamed may be
the solution, but I wondered what experiences others had on the NG?


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