Bind 9 is slow? Please help

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Mar 21 16:42:28 UTC 2005

>>>>> "MJ" == MJ  <php at> writes:

    MJ> Hi, I am repeating my issue as I am in need of quick help.

So let's repeat the answers you have already received.... :-)

    MJ> I have installed bind 9.3.1 on Solaris 8 (IPv6 on Solaris is
    MJ> not enabled) , it was taking long time to resolve the
    MJ> names. As per some suggestion on this list I started named
    MJ> with -4 option and it solved the problem, now I have following
    MJ> two questions.

    MJ> 1- Is this the right solution of this problem? 

No. It's a kludge that doesn't address the underlying problem.

    MJ> Any disadvantages of using -4 option?

See above.

    MJ> 2- If I recompile the bind with --disable-Ipv6, will it help?

Why don't you try it and tell us if it does or not?

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