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>  Can an Internal root DNS and an Authoritative DNS
>  server reside on the same physical server?

	When you run an "internal root", you use precisely the same 
technique that the actual root nameservers use.  Note that the root 
nameservers used to also serve some of the TLDs as well as the root 

	It's no different than if you were to run a parent zone, plus 
delegate one or more child zones to yourself.

	Now, if you try to mix an internal root with a nameserver that is 
supposed to communicate with the outside world, that is likely to run 
into some problems.

	If you have only the one machine, then run separate instances of 
BIND which are configured to listen to port 53 on different IP 
addresses.  One IP address would be for your internal root, the other 
would be for your external authoritative server.

	But you'd be much better off using separate machines.  That way 
there would never be any confusion as to which machine is looking at 
what data and serving which clients, etc....

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