BIND 9.x caching Performance under heavy loads

Rick Jones foo at bar.baz.invalid
Tue Mar 22 01:08:57 UTC 2005

Kelsey Cummings <kgc at> wrote:
> Any recomendations from the list?

Try and get a profile from when the CPU is not pegged, and when it is
pegged.  That means finding a profiling tool for your platform that
can attach to a running process.  For Itanium that would be one of
Caliper (Linux or HP-UX) or q-syscollect (Linux).  I'm not sure what
they would be for other platforms, but would love to learn.

Looking at the data for I see that the ifPackets
seems to increase over time as well, then drop to nearly nil - when
the CPU spikes?  It also seems that there is a point where the forks
spike? Etc etc.

Is there any chance of something, well, nefarious happening here?

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