internal root and authoritative DNS

Brad Knowles brad at
Tue Mar 22 01:40:24 UTC 2005

At 7:22 PM -0500 2005-03-21, Barry Margolin wrote:

>>  	Now, if you try to mix an internal root with a nameserver that is
>>  supposed to communicate with the outside world, that is likely to run
>>  into some problems.
>  Shouldn't you be able to do it with views?  You could have one view with
>  a master zone for ".", and another view with a hints zone for ".".

	That would be an interesting test.  I would expect it to fail, 
because I don't think that the views mechanism applies to hints, and 
I think the internal versus external views would need to be operating 
from different hints.

	However, I do not know 100% for certain that this would or would 
not work.  It would be an interesting test.

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