Internal DNS Caching server

skydiver_morgan at skydiver_morgan at
Tue Mar 22 17:27:49 UTC 2005

I have a home office network in which I need to setup a DNS server to
resolve lookups for computers inside the LAN.  My setup is as follows:
External Sonicwall VPN Firewall running DHCP for internal computers.  I
port forward traffic to internal servers for publicly available
services.  I am running a FC2 webserver on one internal LAN computer
and a Windoze box that is running a mail server appication.  I forward
port 80 traffic from the external ip address to the internal webserver.
 I am hosting websites for different 6 domains.  The publicly available
dns is hosted on a dns service provider for the domains in question.
What I am looking for is the ability to resolve the internal ip
addresses to each of the websites which I am hosting while not becoming
authorative for the whole domain, else I would disable my ability to
send mail to the domains which I do not host mail services.

How do I add what are essentially A records for domains which I am not
authorative for to point to the internal ip address of my websites
while not having to re-create the mx and miscellaneous other A records
which resolve to outside network servers for the domains in question?

My current setup was created with webmin and the caching-nameserver
rpm.  I am running BIND 9.2.3 on a FC2 bix running webmin 1.140.  My
setup currently has the following entries in the webmin interface:
rootzone defins to point to rootservers

$TTL	86400
@       IN      SOA     localhost. root.localhost.  (
                                      1997022700 ; Serial
                                      28800      ; Refresh
                                      14400      ; Retry
                                      3600000    ; Expire
                                      86400 )    ; Minimum
              IN      NS      localhost.

1       IN      PTR     localhost.

masterzone localhost:
$TTL	86400
$ORIGIN localhost.
@	1D	IN	SOA	@ root (
			1D )

			1D IN NS	@
			1D IN A

I have my ISP's dns servers addresses entered in the Forwarding and
Transfers section for dns forwarding.

Please let me know what I need to do to setup my dns in the manner
described or let me know if I left out any pertinent information.


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