Bind Virtual Hosting

Walter Balzer w_balzer at
Tue Mar 22 10:03:25 UTC 2005


i have a Webserver within multiplie Virtual-Host-Sections in the

I am planning to run multiplie Subdomains as different Virtual Hosts:

The Configurationpart of the Webserver seems not to be the problem but
what is the best Bindconfig for that solution?:

a) with ORIGIN


demo         IN CNAME www
walter       IN CNAME www
xyz          IN CNAME www

b) without ORIGIN
=================         IN CNAME www       IN CNAME www          IN CNAME www

c) with IN A
demo         IN
walter       IN
xyz          IN

d) with IN A an $ORIGIN
=======================         IN       IN          IN

What is the best solution for the Subdomain-Virtual-Hosting?

Thanks a lot!

Walter B.

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