easy to understand definitions, "expire" and "refresh"

Charles Cala charles_cala at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 23 16:07:33 UTC 2005

--- Bob Lockie <bjlockie at lockie.ca> wrote:
> I found the following definitions but I need definitions that are easier 
> to understand.

> I do not have my Bind book available.
get it.

> I don't understand "expire" and "refresh", 
expire = die
refresh = go to the source and see if your info is correct

> it would seem that "expire" 
> should always be equal to the "refresh" time"?
it CAN be, but it is not to your advantage to do it that way.

  first entry

clicking on the link " Refresh Field "
gives the page

if english is not your primary language, please
use a source that is more to your understanding.


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