Problem resolving a domain on my cache server. (part II)

Fabiano Silos Reis fsilos at
Wed Mar 23 18:12:57 UTC 2005

Hi Ronan,

Thank you... here we go (my comments/answers are below yours)

"Fabiano Silos Reis" <fsilos at> wrote:

> I know what you mean. The problem is that my cache server keeps
> resolving for a while but somehow from time to times this host
> ( cannot be resolved by my cache server (my server
> answer with timeout responses). But when this host cannot be resolved

When this happens, what does your server show for

dig ns +norec
dig a +norec
dig a +norec

I mean, does it still have the information about how to get to the
record for

Fabiano: I will wait next time it happens to execute it...

One thing I notice is that on a direct query, their nameservers do not
return authority and additional records for the NS/A:

Could that be significant?

Fabiano: I don't know. Is there any risk with it? (Does anybody know
more about it?)

Also the records they do actually have different TTLs from the
delegation records...

Fabiano: I asked people from the support of delegation servers (
and they told me that this cannot cause any problem. They change ttl to
86400 because they don't want to have problems with people who set their
ttl to lower values. This can make delegation servers busier.

Thanks in advance!


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