Problem with bind 8.2.3

Caetano, Yves Yves.Caetano at
Wed Mar 23 07:14:03 UTC 2005

Hi all,
I noticed a strange behaviour with bind 8.2.3. 

When we try to make an nslookup on certain domains (at least the ones we
found for the moment) we get no answer, means we get a message like
non-existant host/domain. 
But if I go to <>  and check the same
domain, then it works..

Then I tried to execute the following nslookup -type=any and then
I got an answer but only for the NS. And when I try to execute like nslookup
-type=mx then I get again the error that the host or domain is
not existing.

So this is quite strange behaviour and I hope that you guys can help me.

Thanks a lot


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