Setting up an internal caching dns server with internal web server

Brad Knowles brad at
Thu Mar 24 18:50:38 UTC 2005

At 8:51 AM -0800 2005-03-24, skydiver_morgan at wrote:

>  Curiously, when I run nslookup, I get the following error:
>  *** Can't find server name for address Non-existent domain
>  Default Server:
>  Address:
>  This is my secondary name server as defined on my dhcp service and one
>  of the forwarding dns servers in my bind setup.

	Note that nslookup refuses to use a configured server if it can't 
do a reverse lookup on the IP address.  Configure reverse DNS 
correctly for this IP address on your internal network, and nslookup 
should give you the same behaviour as you see with the application.

	Or, try using "dig" instead of nslookup.

	With regards to fixing the problem, you will need to take the 
information in the "real" zone that is external to your network and 
replicate that internally to your nameserver.  So, you will need to 
find out what the real Internet nameservers use for 
"" and put that into your internal copy of 
the zone.  Every time there is a change to the "real" 
zone on the Internet, you will need to make the appropriate changes 
to your internal version of that zone.

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