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Charles Cala charles_cala at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 24 23:35:48 UTC 2005

--- KD5ZMG <my00sc00by at yahoo.com> wrote:
> thanks if you can help we really appreciate it.

Your post is still a “content free” post…

If you want us to help you, helping us with good data is a nice way to start.
You have provided no packet traces, no debug info, or anything 
of value/content.

At most you have made the equivalent of “my car squeaks”, 
as an addition to your first post.

Please go back through the archives and look at 
good examples of how to send information to the list.

Heck as far as we know, the reason these 2 boxes 
Can’t talk to each other is cause your hub is powered off.

Paint us such a detailed picture (with useful data), so that we
Can not help but see the problem.

Your issue is related to connections, and configurations 
so we don’t care what speed your memory is, or how much 
free disk space you have (unless the number is around 0).

Read through the archives to figure out witch posts get 
responses/solutions and put your data in that format.

Then when you find out the solution post it here.

That way when some end user tries to do something 
useful like, look for the answer in the archives, they 
might be able to help them selves.

You have not mentioned the debugging that you have 
done on your own setup, so as far as we know you might 
have just banged on the keyboard, and posted to this newsgroup 
the equivalent of “its not working”.

What we want is something like this.

My toaster was working yesterday, and make toast just fine.

Today, it is not toasting at all. I have checked that power 
is going to the outlet, (the blender works in the same socket) 
and I am able to see there is continuity through the toaster 
when the controls are in the “Toast” option.

But when my toaster pops up, its untoasted.

Then we would ask if you had recompiled with heat=0.

Join us in the conspiracy to help you.

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also means a person of uncertain moral character. 
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