Call for help: 3rd party providers of backup NS?

Brad Knowles brad at
Fri Mar 25 01:46:04 UTC 2005

At 6:15 PM -0500 2005-03-24, <aklist_bind at> wrote:

>  I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a 3rd-party org that provides backup
>  NS? Or, is anyone out there that would be willing to exchange secondary
>  services with me?

	Many of the dynamic DNS organizations will provide these services 
for their customers.  One such example would be, but I'm 
sure there are plenty of others.

>  I'm also looking at my options at this it a good/bad idea  to
>  backup my current named.conf and then edit it to make the secondary a
>  primary for all it's domains? I'm thinking that I could do this pretty
>  quickly just by renaming all the backup files and editing named.conf.

	Assuming you don't make any fat-finger mistakes, this would be 
one way that you could keep the secondary from going off-line due to 
TTLs expiring, etc..., should it take you longer than expected to get 
the real primary back online.

	But you've got to watch those fat-finger mistakes.  Make sure you 
have good backups for everything, preferably both on and off-site.

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