Setting up an internal caching dns server with internal web server

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> > > When I define the zones as you described, I lose resolution of all
> > > the other entries defined in the domains zone file on the
> > > authorative names server.
> > 
> > You shouldn't.  It should only override those specific names, not the 
> > names in the containing zones.  I think you did something wrong --
> > post  your config files.
> > 
> > > Is there no other way using bind to be able to just add the few A
> > > records that I am serving and let  the outside ns server resolve the
> > > addresses of the A / MX records that I am not serving?
> > 
> > Nope, everything is organized around zones.
> > 
> Actually yes, though it's still organized around zones.

But he's specifically looking for a solution that *doesn't* require a 
separate zone for each name.  That's why I said "nope" -- there's no 
simpler solution.

> You create a zone that consists of the specific FQDN eg
> and put in it the A/AAAA/MX records for that host along with the correct
> and NS records. You'll need separate zones/zonefiles for each host. That
> makes your nameserver authorative for just those names you've specified.
> This only works for resolvers querying your nameserver unless you get
> them
> delegated from the parent zone.

Isn't that the solution I suggested, and he rejected?

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