DNS Problem

Sascha Andres sa-bind9 at livingit.de
Sat Mar 26 08:36:20 UTC 2005


I've a small problem with my bind9 configuration. The
situation: There is a real domain hosted at a provider,
let's say donain.com. My corpnet is configured as
intern.domain.com. Until some days no problem. Now I wanted
to have an MX entry for intern.domain.com. (No public IPs).
So I set up an bind9 and added a zone called
"intern.domain.com".  The zone fole looks like this:

,----[ zone ]-
| ;
| ; BIND reverse data file for intern.domain.com zone
| ;
| $TTL	1W
| @	IN	SOQ	ns	root (
| 	2005032501	; serial
| 	8H		; refresh
| 	2H		; retry
| 	1W		; expiry
| 	11h)		; minimum
| 	IN	MX	80	mail
| tt-fileserver	IN	A
| 		IN	MX	80	mail

The named.conf includes the following for this zone:

zone "intern.domain.com" {
        type master;
        file "intern.domain.com.db";

All other queries should be forwareded to an external DNS
(our router). Hence, I added this option to named.conf:

forwarders      {;  };

A dig to intern.domain.com answers with the providers ip?

Thanks for help,


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