permissions problem when BIND rolls log

aklist_bind at aklist_bind at
Mon Mar 28 20:14:37 UTC 2005

Hi All: I had this problem once before but don't remember how I solved it...

I have BIND 9.2.3 running under user/group "named:named"

It's writing queries to a log file in /var/log called "named.msgs", and it's 
the owner of the file.

My named.conf has a logging statement with:

channel "query_log"  { file "/var/log/named.msgs" versions 3 size 1M; }

BIND writes to the file fine, but when it tries to roll the log I get a 
permission denied error:

"unable to rename log file '/var/log/named.msgs' to '/var/log/named.msgs.0' 
: permission denied"

Permissions on the file named.msgs are 755

Is there any way to give named permission to roll the files properly within 
this directory? 

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