permissions problem when BIND rolls log

aklist_bind at aklist_bind at
Mon Mar 28 20:54:27 UTC 2005

>>>>>> ">" ==   <aklist_bind at> writes:
>    >> I have BIND 9.2.3 running under user/group "named:named"
>    >> BIND writes to the file fine, but when it tries to roll the log
>    >> I get a permission denied error:
>    >> "unable to rename log file '/var/log/named.msgs' to
>    >> '/var/log/named.msgs.0' : permission denied"
>    >> Permissions on the file named.msgs are 755
>    >> Is there any way to give named permission to roll the files
>    >> properly within this directory?
> Well you could give the user/group write permission on the directory
> where the log files are being written. [That's why the attempts to
> rotate the log files are failing. named doesn't have permission to
> create files in /var/log.] However that's unwise: least privilege and
> all that. There may well be other log files there that you wouldn't
> want the name server to have the ability to remove or rename, howeevr
> remote that possibility might be. A better option would be to create a
> directory for the name server's logs -- say /var/log/named -- that has
> suitable access permissions for the UID/GID you've assigned to the
> name server.

Thanks Jim...I'm very newbie when it comes to this stuff, but now the whole 
chrooting/directory ownership thing finally makes sense...

On my previous install I had run into the same logging problem and in 
desperation got around it by making BIND run as I have it set up 

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