9.3.0 and 9.3.1 blocking durring maint interval

Rick Kelly rmk at toad.rmkhome.com
Mon Mar 28 21:29:39 UTC 2005

Joshua Coombs said:

>Sorry, I've been scolded for abuse of terminology off list as well.  By 
>'maint interval' I meant cleaning interval.

>As far as memory usage, with the cleaning interval set to a non-zero 
>reasonable value, I see no signs of a memory leak, and am not complaining of 
>one.  My fault I'm attempting to diagnose is durring the cleaning process, 
>Bind, even when running threaded stops responding to querries.

I never see a "cleaning process" going on where BIND stops responding to
queries. If you built BIND as a threaded application, you will see some
interesting effects if it gets paged out. The paging problem may be fixed
in -current.

Running Bind 9.3.1 on NetBSD 1.5.4 just works 24x7 without a hitch.
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