BIND serving ppp connections

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Mar 29 22:48:07 UTC 2005

Andrew P. wrote:

>I was trying to set up bind to serve ppp clients. The problem
>is that when it starts up, there are no ppp connections and
>it doesn't start listening on the ppp server address.
>Is there a way to tweak bind to listen on a wildcard address
>or on a non-existent address?
named will periodically scan the system's interface list to see if any 
new interfaces need to be listened-upon, or if it should stop trying to 
listen on interfaces that have gone away. The frequency of this periodic 
scan is controlled by the "interface_interval" option. You could, I 
suppose, tune that to be very rabid about scanning interfaces, but you 
might waste nameserver resources that way.

A possible alternative would be to incorporate an rndc command (I'm 
assuming you're running BIND 9 here) into your PPP server startup 
script(s). A "reload" would force an immediate interface-scan, I think 
even a "reconfig" (which is less intrustive) would be sufficient to 
trigger a scan...

                                                      - Kevin

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