Multiple PTR records pointing to same IP address with different name

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Mar 30 01:00:10 UTC 2005

> BIJU KURIAN wrote:
> >Is there any solution to create multiple reverse lookup PTR records
> >pointing to same IP address with different hostname..?
> >
> >For Eg: I have got
> >
> >10              IN      PTR
> >
> >Can I have another PTR record pointing to same IP address with
> >different hostname like
> >10              IN      ????
> >
> It's legal to do that, but kind of pointless. No regular application or 
> system utility looks beyond the first PTR record in the response.
> Also, if you go down this path, you could end up making the mistake that 
> many people have, namely having RRsets numbering in the dozens or 
> hundreds, which overflow the maximum size of a DNS UDP packet, and thus 
> trigger TCP retries, causing resource problems, firewall issues, etc.
>                                                                   - Kevin

	And if you keep going you will overflow the DNS/TCP message
	size (65535).

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