BIND serving ppp connections

Andrew P. infofarmer at
Wed Mar 30 07:51:15 UTC 2005

Mark Andrews wrote:
>>I was trying to set up bind to serve ppp clients. The problem
>>is that when it starts up, there are no ppp connections and
>>it doesn't start listening on the ppp server address.
>>Is there a way to tweak bind to listen on a wildcard address
>>or on a non-existent address?
> 	The real question is why are you bothering to attempt to
> 	listen on the ppp address.  Just have named listen on a
> 	stable interface and advertise its address to the ppp
> 	clients.
> 	If you really want named to start listening on the interface
> 	you can lower the interface scanning interval and/or have the
> 	ppp daemon notify named that it has a new interface.  rndc
> 	reload / rndc reconfig.
> 	It wouldn't be that hard to add "rndc rescan" to just rescan
> 	the interface table.
> 	Note: you need to be running as root unless you are using a Linux
> 	box w/ capability support.
> 	Mark

Thanks, but that's what the problem is all about. My network
has complicated routing. Once I use an address of a stable
interface clients will try to access it from different IPs, those
prohibited by allow-query. And I can't do rndc reload as I'm
not running bind as root (FreeBSD 5.3).

No easy solution then?

Andrew P.

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