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Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Mar 30 23:49:53 UTC 2005

> We are buying another ISP right now and I have to move about 80 Domains to
> my Name Server.  My question is this.
> All there domains are registered with there registrar as
> and  Instead of me going to the registrar of every
> domain and changing the dns servers to my name servers, can I just change
> the main domain dns server to  Then on the
> zone file of can I change the A record for
> lovecraft and ns to point to the A record of or should I do
> a CNAME?

	Nameservers can NEVER be CNAMES.  It breaks fetching of glue.

	Since you are changing the name of the nameserver you need
	to add a host record (glue) for the new name then you need to
	change all the delegations to refer to the new name.

	If you were just changing the address then all you would
	need to change is the host record (glue).

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