Problems with RNL to a remote location

Tom Widauer twidauer at
Thu Mar 31 01:23:14 UTC 2005

I have a bit of a problem configuring RNL. I'm sorry if it all sounds
stupid, but the whole DNS thing has never been my strong side.

The following example explains the problem I am experiencing:

Two locations with independent Internet connections and IP addresses
from different networks. All IP addresses and domainnames are not the
real ones and just for demonstration purposes.


Remote office:

The DNS server is located at the HQ and the subdomain is referenced to So far, so good.

The problem is now, that some mailservers do not accept mails from a
machine they can't reverse lookup. So I need to add a zonefile for the remote machine. This is where
the trouble starts.

Assuming, that the RNL checks the machine with the IP address (in this
case and asks for a servername, I would think that the
zone file must be defined there and not at the DNS server of the HQ.
While the remote machine does have a DNS server running, it is only
referencing the machines of the internal network.

What would the "" file have to look like for this
scenario? I've tried to set one up but it doesn't seem to work. Which
nameserver has to be referenced in it? the local DNS server or the one
at the HQ? Is the "" file going to be or
0.168.192? I just can't work it out. Normally, I wouldn't have a
problem but with the remote location and the way things were set up,
it's turning into a bit of a nightmare.

I have created a "" file that looks like

$TTL 86400
@       IN      SOA
nsadmin at   (
                                2005033104 ; serial
                                28800 ; refresh
                                14400 ; retry
                                3600000 ; expire
                                86400 ; ttl

@       IN      NS
1       IN      PTR

The problem with it is, that it doesn't work. Neither from the
internal network, nor the Internet.

Any ideas anybody? Any help is highly appreciated.


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