BIND serving ppp connections

Jim Reid jim at
Thu Mar 31 08:50:30 UTC 2005

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew P <infofarmer at> writes:

    Andrew> Imagine I have one stable interface with one address, say
    Andrew> And when ppp clients connect they get
    Andrew> 172.17.0/24, while the server gets The catch
    Andrew> is that all the clients are on one ethernet with the
    Andrew> server and have their local interfaces configured as
    Andrew> 192.168.17/24. And they connect via pppoe to authenticate
    Andrew> and say use internet.  Bind serves only local namespaces
    Andrew> to unauthenticated clients (192.168.17/24) and it serves
    Andrew> all namespaces to authenticated clients (172.17.0/24).

    Andrew> So if I try to advertise as a default
    Andrew> nameserver for authenticated clients, they'll access it
    Andrew> from unauthenticated ip's, therefore messing up the whole
    Andrew> thing :)

No it won't. If you've configured view selection based on the source
address of the query, your setup will work just fine.

Simply configure the name server to listen on its stable interface(s).
This is the *only* sensible approach. Name service on unreliable
network interfaces or ones that change address often guarantees
mountains of needless hassle. Then use views to decide which clients
get to see the local namespace and which don't. That can be done based
on each client's source IP address. You're done. 

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