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Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Mar 31 22:21:37 UTC 2005

> I had a question regarding masters in the named.conf file and
> performance.
> If I have two masters for one of my zones, what are the steps that
> happen if the first master ( is offline. When the first
> request come in to resolve will it return a
> failure and on the second try it will goto the second master
> ( on the list and get a response? And will my DNS server know
> that the first server is dead and just continue going to the second
> master or does it again try the first master.
> I am running Solaris 10 and Bind 9.2.4
> zone "" in {
>         type stub;
>         file "db/";
>         masters {;; };
> Thanks

	Firstly the masters here are used to get the set of nameservers
	for the zone which are then cached in db/ and periodical
	updated with the same freqency as a slave zone would be w/o NOTIFY.

	When a query comes named will pick the nameserver with the best rtt
	estimate and query it.  If it get no response it will try the other
	nameservers.  Basically it behaves exactly like a delegation from
	a master / slave zone.

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