Zone transfer from tinydns to BIND9

Dan Foster usenet at
Tue Nov 1 01:25:47 UTC 2005

In article <dk6fvg$bda$1 at>, Rajesh Bandar <sunfire2005 at> wrote:
> I am in the process of migrating from tinydns to BIND 9.3.1 on solaris
> 9 server.  I have configured BIND 9.3.1 as a slave. Now I want to
> transfer zone files from tinydns which is a master server to BIND. Is
> there a way to transfer zone files from tinydns to BIND. I tried
> named-xfer but it didn't work. Looks like tinydns doesn't do zone
> transfer over TCP.

Try tinydns-notify.

I've done it with tinydns as master and BIND v9 as slave. Works well.

It's a perl script that requires Socket and Net::DNS perl modules be
installed. But does the job very nicely.


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