Zone transfer from tinydns to BIND9

Raj sunfire2005 at
Wed Nov 2 12:29:07 UTC 2005

Can I just use the slave zone files on master server as well. I have
used tinydns axfrdns program to transfer zone files from tinydns
master to BIND slave. Can I use those zone files on BIND master server
as well. I dont need to chane SOA because SOA and NS records are same
for both master and slave servers.
On 11/2/05, /dev/rob0 <rob0 at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 2005-November-01 06:47, Raj wrote:
> > How can I replace another tinydns with BIND master server? I have the
> > named.conf file for BIND master. How can I convert the zone files
> > from tinydns to BIND format for master server? I can't use axfrdns
> No conversion needed. Define the zone as "type master;" and use the
> same file. Tell your BIND slaves that this is their new master. You
> might want to update your zone SOA and NS records.
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