ISP's that block port 80

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Mon Nov 7 19:30:04 UTC 2005

> Yes I didnt see the reply until later.  And I already knew about using
> or whatever you want to use.  Unfortunately
> this isnt a solution that I can use.
> So maybe this is a dumb question, but why do we have SRV records
> if nobody is using them, or are you saying its only the http service
> that
> browsers are not using (which totally sucks as well).
> At least I learned about SRV in this discussion.  My BIND book only
> has like 2 pages on the subject, obviously not a commonly used thing.
> Thanks again,
> Jeff
	SRV is used, just not for http.  I have previously publish
	internet drafts about how to use SRV with http.  It got not
	pickup from brower/proxy developers.

	This can be revived but it needs ACTIVE support from browser and
	proxy developers.   Complain to your browser vendor if you want
	this revived.

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