two nameserver, two ip, one host problem.

Sven Vogel acidlog at
Mon Nov 7 23:39:16 UTC 2005

first i have a question. is it possible to make an instance of a master
nameserver on one host? i need two nameserver on one host.
so i have create an instance from my master nameserver. standalone there is
no problem the nameserver will work but when i add a second nameserver with
an extra named.conf and own zone files so i got the problem with the port 53
and 953. i have two different ips for each nameserver i set the
listen on to <> and to one of the ips. the problem
is when i start the second i got the problem with the localhost because he
is blocked from the other nameserver who is already running.

i this the right way to do this? so i dont can check my second nameserver
because there is no working 127 connection. when i use nslookup and dig for
the first then i can resolve the names or ips. but when i want to resolve
one name from the second nameserver i get no information. when i stop the
first nameserver so i can use the second.

is there any solution to solve this problem?

maybe acl? i dont know. i read the book bind and dns from albitz and liu
there is an information about two nameserver on one host but i think not
enough and its an other way then my. i haved used one interface and two
alias ip adresse.

anyone a solution? please help.



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