rndc key is not working with bind 9.2.3 on Solaris 9 Server -- fo r Zone Transfer

Borhade Ganesh (vMoksha) Ganesh.Borhade at UCB-Group.com
Tue Nov 8 03:41:33 UTC 2005

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Dear All,

      Good Morning,

        I have installed Bind 9.2.3 (with chroot ) on Solaris 9 with rndc
for Primary DNS Server. I have 2nd Solaris Server with Solaris 10 with
default Bind which i have configured as Secondary DNS Server.

       I am able to transfer "Zone file" from Primary to Secondary DNS but
without "rndc" in effect. Even i have change rndc key on primary but "Zone
file " gets transfer from Primary to Secondary DNS Server.

       I haven't received any error message for rndc. I have same rndc.key,
rndc.conf on Primary & Secondary DNS Server. In named.conf  on Primary &
secondary i have specified rndc key ( both servers ).

      What could be wrong? Is any rndc service we need to start on
Secondary? How to test Zone transfer with rndc key?.

      Please find my attached Primary & Secondary DNS files which are kept
in /chroot/named folder.

 <<rndc_key_Secondary.txt>>  <<named.conf_primary.txt>>  
<<named.conf_secondary.txt>>  <<rndc_conf_primary.txt>>  
<<rndc_conf_secondary.txt>>  <<rndc_key_primary.txt>> 
Note: 1. Primary DNS ( Solaris 9, Installed Bind 9.2.3), Secondary DNS (
Solaris 10 with default bind 9)
         2.  My DNS Servers are on Private IP but can access Internet.
         3. I can start named & stop it ( using rndc command)


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