two nameserver, two ip, one host problem.

Sven Vogel acidlog at
Tue Nov 8 10:13:21 UTC 2005

Thanks Kevin for your help but can you please give me an example what do you
mean exactly.
 i have two several ips as alias on my interface. i have two nameserver an
each is set to one of this ips as listen on. maybe my thinking is false.
when i check the first started dns he use the <>.
on port 53 and the query port 953 or so. so i can check my nameserver by
test the resolving with nslookup or dig. when i start the second server
additional to the frirst i can not check because i can read in the syslog
that the <> and port 53 and 953 will be used
already. so i can not check this name resolution only when i stop the first.
 is that the way that i have to go? stop the first check the second and stop
the second and check the first
 a other questions is will they work on the listen on ip? i can not check
this when they run both.
 when there is a external user can he check independ the nameserver?
 what can i do?

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