Problem with Brazilian DNS servers

Sebastian E. Castro Avila secastro at
Wed Nov 9 23:16:58 UTC 2005

On Wed, 09 Nov 2005 17:49:36 -0300, Mike Mitchell <Mike.Mitchell at>  

I've sent a report to technical department of brazilian NIC about this.
I hope it helps.

> Has anyone noticed a problem with DNS servers in Brazil?
> I have problems looking up hosts in the following domains:
> I get spotty results when querying those domains.  For example,
> clients with a 149.173.5.XX IP address can query the Brazilian
> nameservers with either UDP or TCP, but clients with 149.173.6.XX
> addresses can only use TCP.  Packet captures at the Internet router
> shows queries going out but never see a UDP answer back.  Since the
> TCP queries function properly I know it isn't a routing issue.  I've
> tried 'dig' with a one-second timeout and a repeat count of 50, and
> the UDP query never succeeds.  When I immediately try it again using
> TCP the answer comes back in 130ms.  I am querying the Brazilian
> nameservers directly, i.e. 'dig @ A'
> I've tried the same queries at different points on the Internet and
> at some places it works, but others it doesn't.  I've even seen a case
> where UDP worked but TCP didn't work.
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> SAS Institute Inc.
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