How to `handle` all subdomain requests of a specified zone?

Ivo Marino eim at
Fri Nov 11 19:11:11 UTC 2005

Hello folks,
   I would like to configure my DNS server (Debian based BIND 9) in
order to handle `automagically` all subdomain requests of a given zone.

   I'll try to explain with an example: Let's assume I manage the zone and would like to handle each subdomain request like
or as a CNAME to -- This should happen dynamically
in order to handle ALL * subdomains automatically as CNAMEs.

   Does BIND 9 support this kind of dynamic DNS zone handling? I've seen
something similar on, e.g. when I ask for this will return me a CNAME to,
whether 'abcdefg123456' exists as a valid (static) DNS zone or not.

   I think the BIND 9 feature I'm looking for should be known as
something like Dynamic DNS zone handling, any ideas? I've tried to
Google for this topic without finding any useful information.

   Thanks in advance for feedback.
Best regards,


P.S. I'm current off-list so please Cc: me on each reply, thanks.

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