DNS NS Question

News ward at no-spam.com
Sun Nov 13 14:07:54 UTC 2005


I have a query on how DNS resolves in regards to name servers (NS) records
 can somebody please explain this to be by way of the following example:

Ok so given the following setup of a domain:

example.net.             172791  IN      NS      ns1.example.net.
example.net.             172791  IN      NS      ns2.example.net.
example.net.             172791  IN      NS      ns3.example.net.

If I am trying to resolve host1.example.net for example.

Does the DNS resolveer work like this.

Try ns1.example.net if there is no host found then it tries
ns2.example.net and so on. So it keeps working its way down until
one of the NS servers says it can Resolve the query?

Or does it simply make a dns type query if it is not found then
say that is not there Return host not found. So the multiple NS
records just mean if it can make a tcp connection To the first
it tries the next one.. This is what I am trying to understand how
it works?



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