bind zones and dhcpd configuration from ldap

Yannick Majoros majoros at
Tue Nov 15 15:52:40 UTC 2005

1. I didn't want to just write the dns records in our ldap base. 
Instead, these should be generated
2. I didn't want bind to just access the ldap base, because I want it to 
be independent of openldap and because of 1

  Instead, I wanted to just put all user workstations, servers, 
switchers and routers, and let a script generate the zone and dhcpd 
files. Please note that it is configurable: I use it myself to generate 
the files for multiple domains/subnets from the same base. Just change a 
couple of lines (I should put it in an independent config file when I'll 
have time).

  I wrote these scripts to suit my needs, but you should be able to 
adapt them to other infrastructures without too much hassle.

  A few details:

  - ldap_hosts is the main script. Just adjust the settings to your 
need. Some are optional; sorry for the poor doc, but the whole script is 
300 lines, so just have a look. 'NAMED' stuff is optional.
  - serials is a little script I wrote to update the serials of the zone 
files. Adjust your zones list in the script. It needs to access a file 
named 'serial' which contains your last serial (date/time format), and 
will update it itself.
  - I run these things in crontab, every minute. So, dns and dhcp are 
automatically updated whenever I change the ldap base, and I'm notified 
by mail about success/failures.
  - In case of failure, it generates temp files which are only 
deleted/changed when you change something. So, you won't receive a mail 
every minute for the same failure.
  - I use the script to generate only the parts of the zone/dhcpd files 
I need. I then use "include" directives in dhcpd.conf (include 
"/etc/dhcpd_ldap.conf";) and in the zone files ($INCLUDE machines.lst).
  - It works for me but could need some local adjustements!

  Ok, I think it's all your need. I hope it will be useful to someone 
someday, feel free to modify it (just tell me, please). Please give me 
your feedback.

  Yannick Majoros

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