desappearing entries

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Nov 16 21:44:40 UTC 2005

Margarita Parker wrote:

>I have a weird issue, I am using a Solaris DNS server. When adding an 
>entry to my file, the defining fields become blank after a time.
>This seems to happen only for active directory clients.  I also noticed 
>that my secondary dns server is not getting replicated.
>I am using version: 8.2.2-P5
Do you have Dynamic Update defined for the zone? If so, then the only 
safe ways to maintain the zone are through Dynamic Update itself (e.g. 
the nsupdate command) or by freezing and thawing the zone (you'll need 
to upgrade to BIND 9 for that, and bear in mind that while the zone is 
frozen, you'll lose any interim Dynamic Updates, so I don't know that 
this can be truly considered "safe"). Combining Dynamic Update with 
manual edits and no freezing/thawing is a recipe for zonefile corruption.

                                                      - Kevin

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