DNS on private network

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Wed Nov 16 23:26:36 UTC 2005

> Hi,
> 	I have a DNS server on a private network. It Server is authoritative
> for our private domain and it has some forward zone for other Internals
> domains,  configurated on others DNS. So all the queries that It can't
> resolve itself or through of the forward zone, defined on it, are being sent
> to a root-nameserver to look for a answer from it. But I don't wish resolve
> queries for other domains don't defined. So, how can I do for DNS don't make
> queries to a roots-nameserver for domain don't defined on our DNS as master
> o forward zone?; I tried to remove "hint zone" but didn't work.
> 	Thanks in advance
> Rodrigo Sánchez Ré 

	Define a real root zone.
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