Need help on CJK support with BIND 9

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Thu Nov 17 03:58:54 UTC 2005


    The Chinese Domain Name Trial run for .HK domain will continue
until 29th Dec this year. Since I believe my company will be interest
in register a Chinese domain name, I've used my name to register
a temp name.

    As we own a DNS server running RedHat 9, I decided to configure
it to test. When we register, we get both a Traditional Chinese and
Simplified Chinese domain name of same character. But I have no idea
what the charset should be used.(both Unicode, or use Big5 and GB2312
respectively). And I also don't know whether there is particular
option on specifying the charset to be used in named.conf.

    Can anyone give me a pointer of where to find BIND 9 configuration
instructions for domain names with CJK characters? Perheps a few RFCs
to read can be good enough.

    Thanks in advance.

Lau Lei Cheong
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