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per engelbrecht per at xterm.dk
Fri Nov 18 09:09:15 UTC 2005

godfather55v wrote:
> We have been running a novell dns dhcp forever.  I want to get away
> from that and would like to possibly go ddns, if not full ddns at least
> get a way from a canned novell, or microsoft solution.  So where do i
> start?  Is linux the only way to go?  Is there ports of dns,dhcp,and
> bind for windows, or netware.  I'm not overly fluent in linux, or is it
> simple enough to the point that i don't have to be?
> thanks all!
> matt

Hi Matt

No Linux is not the only way!

If you're going the OSS (Open Source Software) way for a DDNS/DHCP 
solution and you're not "overly" fluent on Linux, then you'll have some 
basic skills to learn anyway and then I would recommend BSD.
No, I don't want to start a ridiculous flame-war but I've run public 
nameservers the last 6 years on both Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD 
(currently both FreeBSD and OpenBSD ) and the BSD's have proven themself 
time and again as ultra fast and rock-steady and yes, you have all the 
tools you need for any situation. You have the same tools with Linux, 
but I've always had small problems with Linux. Not big ones, just 
annoying small ones. Linux is work, work and work.
On top of that the BSD's (not sure about NetBSD, but they're bright guys 
so I expect it to be the same) has BIND "preconfigured". Most often you 
only need to add zones and then start the daemon and *bingo* you're on.

per at xterm.dk


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