Caching forward-first and DHCP

Jim Garrison jhg at
Mon Nov 21 20:02:35 UTC 2005

Running a caching server as follows (RH FC3):

options {
         directory "/var/named/";
         forward first;
         forwarders {
         listen-on {;; };
         allow-transfer { none; };

The server is my gateway and firewall, and gets its IP and DNS
server list from my provider's DHCP server.  Is there a standard
interface in BIND to get the DHCP client (dhclient 3.0.1) to tweak
BIND (bind 9.2.5) with the current DNS server IPs on startup?

If so, how's it done?  Is this question more appropriate for a
dhclient forum?

Jim Garrison (jhg at
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