New to Bind: Need Catch-All for domain parking

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Nov 23 01:59:42 UTC 2005

> MobileNow wrote:
> >Hi everybody,
> >I'm completely new to Bind so any help with this would be
> >appreciated.
> >
> >What I'm wanting to do is set up BIND so that it will respond to any
> >domain.  What I'm wanting to use this for is so that anyone who
> >decides to use my nameservers will have a parking page there.  I've
> >been Googling around for it and I've found a number of places that
> >say "you have to add an entry for THIS into THAT file" but being new,
> >I don't know what an entry for that would look like.
> >
> Create a fake root zone with one or more wildcard records in it. *BUT*, 
> big caveat, if you do this, make sure you either a) set 
> "minimal-responses yes", or b) keep your root NS records constantly in 
> synch with the public ones. If you give out bogus/stale root NS records, 
> older nameserver implementations may actually believe them, and you may 
> get some angry emails/calls from other DNS admins. "minimal-responses" 
> prevents your nameserver from giving out those NS records for anything 
> but explicit queries, so it removes the requirement to stay constantly 
> in synch, but on the other hand, if you're serving any real domains from 
> the same nameserver instance, it means that the apex NS records of those 
> zones will be more-or-less invisible -- other nameservers will rely 
> primarily on the delegation NS records instead -- which could prove 
> troublesome if you want to readdress your nameservers, migrate to 
> different nameservers, or whatever. If you serve some real zones and 
> want to go the "minimal-responses" route, you may want to run a separate 
> nameserver instance on its own interface or on a separate box 
> exclusively for this "parking" function, since apparently 
> "minimal-responses" is only a global option; not settable at the zone 
> level or even the view level.
>                               - Kevin

	Even with minimal responses the negative responses will have
	the wrong ownername for the SOA record.  This will be rejected
	by caches as being invalid.

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