What happens when a domain is moved but the old nameservers still answer?

Eivind Olsen eivind at aminor.no
Wed Nov 23 09:21:30 UTC 2005


What's supposed to happen when a domain is moved from one set of 
nameservers to another, and the old ones still give out the old data?
For example, let's say I have a caching nameserver called 
"ns.aminor.no", and it has cached some information about the domain name 
"boardgamerules.org", for example let's say it is delegated to 
dns1.somedomain and dns2.somedomain. Then the owners of 
"boardgamerules.org" changes the delegation so it resides on two new 
nameservers, dns1.example.com and dns2.example.com, but the two old 
nameservers still answer authoritatively and claim to still be the 
nameservers for that domain.

If the caching nameserver implementation just goes one step up to verify 
the data, it would be like "The previous nameservers were 
dns1.example.com and dns2.example.com, let's ask them again".
Does anyone know which standards have anything to say about how this is 
supposed to be handled? Is the caching nameserver required to start at 
the root so it can pick up the new nameservers or is it allowed to ask 
the previous nameservers?

Regards / Hilsen
Eivind Olsen
<eivind at aminor.no>

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