bind source code modification

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Nov 23 21:52:38 UTC 2005

Unlisted wrote:

>Is anyone interested in a possibly quick modification of the bind
>source?  I'd be willing to pay up to $100 USD via paypal if interested.
> I'm guessing for someone that knows the source it would be a 5 min
>I'd like to create a 'magic' host that when queried for would give an
>answer record with the source ip address...  For instance, if you query
>for the A record of '' and the authoritative dns server
>has '' as the rrdata it would swap that for the requestors
>ip address.  I would want any A records with (or some other
>magical ip) to instead return the ip address of the resolver that
>requested it.  This will be used for some diagnostics, debugging, as
>well as some research purposes.  I understand that the source ip might
>be an isp caching server or the direct end user - this is part of the
Do you really need BIND for this? Why not just delegate the "magic" host 
to an instance running Net::DNS::Nameserver or some other smaller, more 
flexible piece of nameserver code that you can hack to your heart's content?

>If interested please reply to here or email unlisted at
Somehow I doubt that unlisted at is going to go anywhere useful. 
Did Gmail rewrite that address?

                     - Kevin

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