Bind 9.3.1 Issue

Jon Leeman jleeman at
Wed Nov 23 22:22:21 UTC 2005

Ricardo Stella wrote:
> Otis Surratt Jr. wrote:
>>I am new to bind. I migrated from w2k dns servers to bind 9 servers. I 
>>am running Bind 9.3.1 on FreeBSD 5.4 systems. Ever since I made the 
>>change I have had problems. I thought it would be a no brianer if I 
>>install webmin and did everything from there. My question is since I am 
>>using webmin 1.240 and the module for bind is bind8 will it still work 
>>with bind9 correctly? 
> There's a contributed bind9 module that supports static and dynamic zones...
> Link from 3rd party modules from 

I use Webmin 1.240 on two DNS machines.

1.  Mandrake 8.0 / BIND 9.2.1 [Master]
2.  Mandrake 10.0 / BIND 9.3.0 [Slave]

Even though the Webmin module shows "8" in the icon above 'BIND DNS 
Server' I have had no problems doing what I need to do from this interface.



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