New to Bind: Need Catch-All for domain parking

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Nov 23 23:43:16 UTC 2005

> Okay, so, is there a responsible, safe, recommended way to do this?
> Clearly, there are lots of people achieving the desired affect but are 
> they damaging the integrity/security of the 'Net by flaunting rules?

	They cause operational problems to some people.  Different caches
	a sensitive to different problems.
	RFC are written so that *everyone* and *everything* involved in
	the protocol can know what to expect.

	In this case for every zone parked on the servers everyone expects
	to see a NS RRset which matches the parent delegation and a SOA
	record which has valid details in it.

	As long as you meet the protocols expectations it doesn't matter
	how you implement it.

	Named really is not optimised for a roll like this.  Named
	has a much more complete implementation of the protocol than
	what is needed to park a zone.

> BTW, this question gets asked a lot but I've never seen any agreement on 
> the right way to do it and, believe me, I've been through the archive.
> It would be really useful if someone could give an unambigous 
> recommendation to people interested in domain parking.
> Donnache

	The right way to do it with named is to create the zone
	with the same NS RRset as is in the delegation.  The zone
	has just the SOA and NS RRset.

	If you have multiple zones with the same NS RRset they can use
	a common zone file.
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