load balancing service provider?

none dtiberio5 at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 25 04:56:43 UTC 2005

Does anyone know where I can find a service provider who offers
failover load balancing for web servers?

I have multiple datacenters, and am looking for an inexpensive service
that will allow me to have failover in the event that a web server goes
down at one of the sites I host with.

For example, I have a web server in California, Kentucky, and Atlanta.

If one of them goes down, I have no way of automatically turning off
the entry in dns with my current managed dns provider (I can do it by

I would also consider a web hosting service that has multiple
datacenter locations (3+) or proxies which can distribute my content
and offer a similar failover service. Since current web hosting goes
for as low as $6 per month, I am looking for a service priced
relatively cheap.

I found utradns but they want $600 or so per month, which I am not
willing to pay at this time.


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