Problems with zone-transfers

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Tue Nov 29 03:04:48 UTC 2005

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> Hi All!
> I have two nameservers master M and slave S.
> M has a public ip and are not behind a firewall.
> S has a local ip and are behind a firewall with #53 open for udp and tcp.

The firewall probably doesn't forward the DNS Notify messages sent from 
M to S.  So S will only do zone transfers based on the period in the 
Refresh parameter of the SOA record.

> The problem is that S doesn't update the zonefile when I restart it thus the
> zonefile has a new Serial on the M.

When you restart named, the Refresh timer starts over, it doesn't 
automatically try to update all the zones.

So if you want to minimize the update delay, set the Refresh time to 
something short, like 15 minutes.

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