dns_rdata_fromtext: usit.zone:7: near eol: unexpected end of input

Chris Boyd Chris.Boyd at usit.ie
Wed Nov 30 15:49:45 UTC 2005

Cheers again
Oops forgot the incriment! 
I'm still getting that error though. 

>>> Dan Foster <usenet at evilphb.org> 11/30/05 3:34  >>>
Hot Diggety! Chris Boyd was rumored to have written:
> Actually I noticed it right after sending the message. I'm still getting the same error though. 
> I'll post the zone file again. 
> $TTL 3D
> @                       IN      SOA     ns1.rack356.com (

Also needs a trailing period at the end of that hostname, too. :)

Don't forget to increment the serial number when making changes, too.


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