sendmail does NOT use secondary nameserver

Claus van de Vlierd at
Wed Nov 30 19:43:25 UTC 2005

Hello ,

  a) in case our primary nameserver works rather slowly
     our "sendmail" does NOT automatically use  the secondary nameserver.

     BUT : in the mailer's  "/etc/resolv.conf"  there are both 
IP-addresses of the prim. and sec. nameserver
  (by the way : our browsers have no problems to switch to the sec. 
nameserver in those cases) .

  b) can anyone give me "a helping hand" how to make sure that
     "sendmail" uses for its DNS-queries on port 53 the sec. nameserver
      in case our prim. nameserver fails ?!
      (perhaps with some refined "route-statments" in the attached 

   c) thank your for any help !

     regards ,  Claus van de Vlierd

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