Forward all subdomains

Steven Lamb sheepdns at
Mon Apr 3 19:14:25 UTC 2006

I am running bind 9 and have run into a strange situation.

I have a domain setup and would like to forward all of the sub domains
requests for this domain to the same sub domain of another domain

As described below

@               IN      SOA (
                        2006033154 ; serial
                        3600 ; refresh
                        600 ; retry
                        86400 ; expire
                        3600 ; default_ttl
www     3600    IN      A
@               IN      MX      0
@               IN      MX      0
@               IN      NS
@               IN      NS
@               IN      A
admin   3600    IN      CNAME
*      3600    IN      CNAME   *

I want to go to However I want to
go to
As well as to go to And any other domains not
mapped above.

Any ideas on how to accomplish something like this.

I have tried several things but I am lost in the fog. Obviously the
entry above forwards any request to to * which
is not quite what I am looking for. 

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